25 August 2006

The Wrong Type Of Victim?

The action taken about the near fatal stabbing (attempted murder) of Peter Woodhams in January was clearly inadequate. He is now dead - shot multiple times on Monday - with suspects from the first stabbing suspects for the murder. Speaking at a press conference at Forest Gate Police Station, Commander Jarman said: "During our murder investigation we became aware of a stabbing that took place involving the victim in January...". Is this policeman slow or something? I remember it in the press at the time.

An apology is not enough. Londoners do not have the police force they deserve. Ian Blair's mob have failed to stem rises in serious crime from already unacceptable levels.
Do you get the feeling that if Peter Woodhams was a different type of victim he would have been accorded a better response from the police? I do. Once again (as with the Tom Ap Rhys case), failure by the police to crack down on low level crime has emboldened criminals and allowed more serious crime to pass.

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