18 October 2006

Lee Rotherham - Visionary

Lee For Mayor

If you're a Tory, you should be interested in who we put up as the next candidate for London Mayor. If you're a tax-cutting Tory, the time for faffing around should be behind you. Lee Rotherham is the only choice. If you haven't heard of Lee, you may well have heard of the book he wrote - the excellent Bumper Book Of Government Waste (you've got my copy Pete). Lee's vision for his Mayoral term is clear and attractive. Tax and spending cuts, localise decision-making and ultimately abolish the position of Mayor. Magic.

The Wider Picture For The Conservatives

Across the country there are Tory councils increasing efficiency, reducing waste and generally delivering excellent value for money, but we don't get enough credit at the national level for these success stories. The received wisdom is that people want tax cuts, believe that there is incredible waste that can be carved out, but don't believe the Tories can manage it. .

Having Lee win the mayoralty and deliver on some of his eye-catching promises would rock those perceptions.

Further Reading For Enthusiasts

For more read this interview or this one or take a look at his campaign website. Lee is also a pretty humourous guy. Here's a few choice quotes.

Lee - If Mr Livingstone wants to retire tomorrow and run for Mayor of Caracas instead, I’d be delighted to sign his nomination form.

Q What makes you stand out above the other (Conservative) candidates?

Lee - Original thinking. There’s no point in Conservatives running for mayor believing they can run socialism better than the socialists. It’s not just the man at the top, Livingstone, who’s at fault over London’s government – it’s the whole structure and the system itself.

Lee - I did not spend my time co-writing the Bumper Book of Government Waste to tinker at the edges. I believe in a low tax, deregulated, free economy. I believe in letting people get on with their lives. And I believe in standing up to express these opinions, rather than letting the socialists win the argument by default. Let’s shout it from the rooftops. Low taxes and less regulation mean greater wealth and a better society for all.

Several other Tory bloggers are fairly sure that he has the right approach. All he needs to do is to turn these thoughts into a campaign that will win the election. A penny for your thoughts.


Stan Bull said...

Tax and spending cuts, localise decision-making and ultimately abolish the position of Mayor - As an expat Londoner, I like what I hear. london is over-governed and over-taxed. And Lee has impeccable eurosceptic credentials as an added bonus. 'seems like an ideal candidate.

Anonymous said...

Londoners voted for Ken because he was a character, who flicked a finger at Blair. Lee needs to develop a persona to succeed.

Serf said...

Guthrum is right. His best hope is the fact that he is an outsider.

Bob Piper said...

"seems like an ideal candidate."

I couldn't disagree with that. Roll up, roll up, step forward the next candidate to get a pasting from Ken. After the jailbird and 'nobber' surely they can come up with someone brighter than this stiff? Doncha just luuuv them London Tories!

Bob Piper said...

Where's my bloody penny you robbing Tory git!