29 December 2006

December, December

Despite a quiet Christmas, December was probably this blog's most successful month in terms of traffic. I'll probably do some sort of most popular referrers thing at the start of Jan, but here are the stats from the most popular day of the month.

Monday December 11
Daily Totals: 618 offsite clicks | 923 page views | 431 readers

A certain level of popularity inevitably leads to more visibility in google, yahoo and msn searches so I've put a little selection together of some of the December searches that resulted in a visit to this site.

You’re in the Right Place

1. khalid tory – that’s what I thought, too. Allegations levelled by local Labour activists are worrying though.
2. Good night wishes msm – overplaying things, but I like the general sentiment.
3. Thoughtlessness and stupidity – roll up, roll up
4. I am french, living in Prague – all faiths welcome here.
5. Infinitive freedom and democracy – a fellow visionary. Can someone explain?

Not In The Right Place

1. Clapham common rent boy – then I started blogging.
2. Hazel blear mp, when was he born – I think you mean Blears. See his website.
3. Internet tv + 18 – not sure this blog is going to match your demands
4. Ipswich murder jokes – best man’s speech to plan?
5. Elephant – wtf?

Off The Wall

1. Theres votes in them thar ethnics – who’s been showing gran-dad how to use t’internet
2. Administering alcohol and rape – It was cough mixture and a bed-time story in my day
3. Robert rams george Galloway – come on Robert, reveal all.
4. Julia goldsworthy homosexual – I thought all gay Lib Dems were out and proud? Hang on a minute.
5. Cost of pruage prostitutes – Nice to have the DPM popping by. Now about those English lessons...

What's the weirdest reason why someone's turned up at your blog?


Anonymous said...

"Transexuals in Birmingham" usually get's people to my blog post about last year's Big Brother contestants.

Damon Lord said...

Someone searched for "Mark Clarke alien" the other day and got to my blog. Surprisingly enough, I had indeed blogged about the CF-boss and about aliens in the same sentence!

"Japanese wife fuck jackpot" also got someone onto my blog. Not quite sure what to say to that....

How on earth "bendable disney" led someone to me I don't know though. Way off.