30 January 2007

Levy Standing In The Hot Spot For A Gold Run

Anyone for a spot of quizzage?

Fill the gaps with the following Lords - Lampton Lucan Levy

< INSERT LORD > is famous for going missing
< INSERT LORD > was reported by the Mail for his adultery and use of call-girls
< INSERT LORD > has never spoken in a Parliamentary debate
< INSERT LORD > has been subject to a police investigation and arrested more than once in connection with that investigation.
< INSERT LORD > is a close friend of the current PM.

Getting embarassing yet, Mr Blair?

Of course, I have updated my sleazewatch sidebar. More here from Labour's media arm Pic hat-tip Beau Bo D'Or.

1 comment:

James Higham said...

Sleazewatch - keep up the good work, PT. Do you have a Merkelmeter? You're in the Focus just now.