26 February 2007

The Best Man

There are lots of Steves, Jeffs and Geoffs in Prague (some even change their name to differentiate themselves). When I arrived in Prague in 2001, an American Jeff arrived a week before me and we met to watch a game of football and consider flat-sharing. We never shared a flat, but we did become great mates. We both come from Birmingham - Jeff is from Alabama.

We had some lovely weather last weekend in Prague and we took a long walk around the city and took some pics. The photo is of Jeff by a new statue in Mala Strana erected to commemorate the Second World War. Bravely, he has accepted my request to be my best man. He is a bit shy, so he'll probably ask me to take this post down - it stays up until then.

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Anonymous said...

Fancy having you as a friend ,another dummy brummie well what do you expect.

Congratulations PT.