04 March 2007

Monday Evenings In Prague

Trying to decide what to do tomorrow evening.

Favourite to start the evening is Bulldog. Straddling the fence between a smokey dive of a bar and a club because it's open late and has DJs, The Bulldog, is a receptacle for the local flotsam and jetsam. It's where I met the future Ms PT.

Chateau is an option, but it isn't much more than a grimy, seedy bar with red walls. Last Wednesday, there was a David Cameron look-alike in there who appeared to be trying to score some drugs - he was certainly looking in the right place.

Zlaty Strom (meaning Golden Tree) is one of those places that has a video outside with loads of people dancing, but is usually deserted inside. Check out the losers on their website when you click "music-club". That chap who's bent double on the dancefloor starts fights.

There is also an absinthe bar somewhere near the Globe bookstore, but I'm not sure which street it's on.

On reflection, maybe we'll go up-market and shoot some pool at Cafe Louvre. As you can probably tell, I don't often go out in Prague. Does anyone have any ideas?


Damon Lord said...

There's an English pub on the Old Town Square. Great for mugs, oops, I mean tourists who come all that way and end up sampling "a little bit of home". Bloody exepensive there too.

Praguetory said...

The George and the Dragon is not in the reckoning.

Damon Lord said...

I should hope not, the prices they charge! I was gullible, my first day in Prague when I went there last year on St. Vitus's Day (June 15), a day England were playing in the World Cup. I thought it might be nice place to watch, not noticing the giant screens in the adjacent square....