24 May 2007

Richard Corbett Watch

Given that we get the legendary incompetence of Labour MPs rubbed in our faces on a regular basis, it feels rather cruel to introduce you to an international example of Labour madness. But sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

It's not lightly that I say that Labour's deputy leader in Europe, Richard Corbett, writes the most irritating "weblog" of any politician bar none. Today he's celebrating the introduction of a Stalinist price control. Earlier in the year, he started a post by comparing eurosceptics with Goebbels.

So here's Richard Corbett's recipe for an irritating "weblog"

1. Fill a website with foolish ignorance.
2. Add in generous measures of arrogance and intransigence.
3. Take a highly patronising tone. Sprinkle liberally.
4. Apply a no comments function.

Not that it's any of his business, but I note that this man supports Timothy Kirkhope the leader of the Conservative delegation in Europe. This should set all sorts of alarm bells ringing. Also check out his siren attack on Labour's thoughtful Gisela Stuart who served on the Convention on the Future of Europe, which drew up the EU Constitution. On reflection, I can see why he doesn't enable comments on his website. He shouldn't call it a blog though.


Stephen Newton said...

The link you label ‘Stalinist price control’ points to a post that has nothing to do with price controls.

It actually talks about a ban on importing cat and dog fur, a Eurosceptic Tory getting to grips with how the EU works and successfully defending the use of mercury in barometers and REACH which regulates the use of chemicals and is most controversial for its implications for animal testing.

Did Stalin have a particular dislike of cat and dog fur or have you incompetently linked to the wrong place?

Praguetory said...

Any more red herrings?

Anonymous said...

he is unintentionally quite funny I think. If he had comments I would praise him to the hilt and he would believe me...

Stephen Newton said...

Adam Smith warned that monopoly leads to negligence and malversation and undermines liberty and justice.

By far the biggest threat to the free market is not the state but the consolidation of capital, which only the state can prevent.

You'd do well to read the Wealth of Nations.

Thanks for the correcting the link.

Sir-C4' said...

He's a moron, but Terry Kelly, Unity and Don Paskini are worse.

Fidothedog said...

Well said Sir, the man is a total asshat. What is the point of a blog without a no comment policy, even moonbat Terry Kelly has a comments policy.

Even if his replies to said comments make no damn sense what so ever.

Anonymous said...

You know he doesn't actually write most of his stuff, don't you? He leaves it to a staffer at Labour Movement for Europe.