22 July 2007

Labour Archiving Services

My last post was my 600th published. So this is my 601st. Another Labour saddo has spent today trawling through all my posts and archiving them on his PC - and I didn't even engage him to do it! Seems like a nice bloke. I'm sure there was a good reason for him to try to get another blogger sacked in the past, so nothing to worry about. Lol.

He's also going to be on Wolverhampton Radio with Paul Uppal later this week where he'll have the opportunity to consider a monologue I have prepared relating to Gordon Brown. I'm sure his counter-arguments will be grounded in logic and reason rather than a prepared ad hominem attack - that approach certainly hasn't worked for Gordon at PMQs! - but then again, if, like Gordon, your capacity to think on your feet is limited, it's worth a try.

I'm getting deja vu.


Matthew Revell said...

You can hear Prague Tory's monologue - along with the other side from Tyger of tygerland.net - streamed live from wcrfr.com between 7pm and 8pm UK time this Friday (27th July 07).

Also on the show are Paul Uppal - Conservative PPC for Wolverhampton SW - and Political Penguin, from politicalpenguin.org.uk.

Or pick up the podcast from www.wolverhamptonpolitics.co.uk the Monday after the show.

Old BE said...

Mr Penguin seems like a thoroughly pleasant chap. Perhaps the listeners of Wolverhampton Radio would like to know his real name and daytime occupation.

Still, at least you know you are getting somewhere when the Left start trying to get you unemployed. They are such a great bunch of guys - I wish I could be like them!

ps I am taking the time taken to post this comment out of my statutory 60 minutes lunch break.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Gordon Brown is the worst PM since Tony Blair.