28 June 2008

Are You A Left-Winger Or A Right-Winger?

Look at the facts objectively to understand the reality of the situation. Consider whether a policy response is appropriate. Critically appraise proposed government legislation. Turn that into an engaging and provocative article. That's what Tim Worstall did re gender pay equality.

If you've ever questioned whether you're naturally right-wing or left-wing, I'd suggest which camp you come down on in the debate in the lively comments thread would be a decent indicator. If this is your reaction, then I am afraid it's terminal. You're destined to a happy existence working towards the North Korean model. Personally, I've always been in favour of as little government intervention in the labour market as possible (think UAE).


And if you're a left-winger, you'll probably get a bit twitchy about this sensible article.


Mark Wadsworth said...

"as little as possible"?

How about "none'?

Except maybe an outline one-page template to be agreed at initial job interview with rows for 'hours per week', 'days holiday per year', 'months maternity leave' and so on with a suggested typical average figure in Column A which employer can cross out and insert his own figure in Column B, and if he enters "100" "nil" and "nil" respectively then fine.

Unknown said...

First off: I agree on Mugabe. He should be deposed. If ever there was someone who needed to be, it is him.

But I must take issue with the assertion that Bill Clinton is "of course, loved by good liberals everywhere" because it shows a total ignorance of the American political landscape.

Clinton is the god of the conservative center-right DLC Democrats. Don't pretend otherwise. His tenure saw a total collapse of the Democratic party, as it lost a majority in Congress as well as the majority of state governorships, as well as any ability to take a coherent stand on anything.

People on the left in America don't like Bill Clinton.

Listen to this if you don't believe me:


I wish the right would stop trying to portray Clinton as anything but the best scarecrow the right ever found- his total lack of integrity brands progressives, and keeps people from looking beyond Clinton to where a coherent worldview emerges.

That is all.