06 September 2014

Jewish Shooter ID-ed As An ISIS Torturer

In May of this year, a gunman opened fire at the Jewish Museum of Belgium in Brussels killing four. A month later Mehdi Nemmouche was extradited to Belgium to face trial for these crimes. It was already known that shortly before the killings the accused had returned from Syria where he was 'fighting with the rebels'.

Four French journalists, who spent time in captivity with James Foley and Steven Sotloff have identified Nemmouche as a particularly violent captor. Source.

On a related matter a French acquaintance of mine is convinced of a Jewish media conspiracy and blames the banishment of the notorious French 'comedian' known as Dieudonne from polite society on a media-inspired oversensitivity to anti-Semitic 'jokes'.

Leaving to one side a despicable comparison he has made between ISIS and the French Revolution, the following image left me shocked.

That Dieudonne continues to use the quenelle gesture isn't news. It's been described as an 'inverted Nazi salute' in a country where an actual Nazi salute is against the law. It's blatantly anti-Semitic.

So who are these people flanking him in this pose. None other than Mr Nemmouche's defence lawyers. Source.

For an analogy with a more widely covered legal case, this photo is on a par with George Zimmerman's lawyer posing with David Duke in a KKK outfit. Disgraceful.

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