05 August 2006

The 5 Worst Things Labour Have Done Since Gaining Power

1. Bullying David Kelly and lying about why we went to war in Iraq.
2. Disrespected democratic institutions/norms - from disregard of Ministerial Code of Conduct to Speaker appointment to undeclared loanations to peerages to the lobby system to...
3. Turning our pension system from the envy of the world to a disgrace. Latest surveys report that just 46% of workers are currently making adequate provisions for when they retire.
4. Legislated on Criminal Justice but never enforced - failed to deliver on law and order
5. Taken the UK from 3rd to 13th in the global competitiveness league - a combination of many failures

Also rans

- 2000 hours of Parliamentary time on the Fox-Hunting bill which related to how pests are killed.
- Supercasino selection process - pork barrel politics at its worse
- Falls in cognitive ability of primary school children

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alison said...

Human Rights legislation...