15 August 2006

Conference Virgin

I've put nearly all the arrangements in place for my first visit to Conservative Conference which takes place in October this year. Photos and forms signed and countersigned, hotel booked 10 mins walk from Conference, booked to attend the Gala dinner where several other overseas Tories will be in attendance, flight to Bournemouth from Amsterdam, lift back to Birmingham, flight back to Prague from there blah, blah, blah. So that's the physical preparation, what about the mental one. I spoke to a local official from Prague Tories who was at conference last year. He spoke about it in the way that you might talk about climbing a mountain. "It's tough - you'll meet so many new people". So I've decided to give myself just three goals for Conference.

1. Network with Conservatives Abroad - I will be attending the AGM on Monday and sharing a table with other members at the Gala Dinner I am also very keen to receive best practice ideas for mobilising overseas supporters.
2. Meet/put faces to other bloggers and promote this website to fellow bloggers and others. Stretch target - agree to combine with other bloggers on political campaigns.
3. As I am a Brummie, I would like to meet some of the people behind the fast-growing City Branch of the Conservative Party in Birmingham. If only we could put together such a packed events calendar in Prague.

The rest I will play by ear. Any comments or tips?

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Peter Smallbone said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Bournemouth mate. City Branch is going from strength to strength too... watch out for details of a very special guest for our Christmas event.