11 August 2006

Elephant In The Room

Whilst pontificating about Eastern European immigration, the UK political elite is ignoring the elephant in the room. What do we do about the Muslim enemy within? Certain views expressed by a fair proportion of this group are incompatible with inclusion in British society and recent studies show that their level of integration/interaction with the mainstream is falling. Will our future make Northern Ireland look like a playground tiff? How do we prevent further Balkanisation?

Open forum.

Update - after 24 hours of no comment - here's my suggestion

"Moderate" Muslims have had long enough to put their house in order. From their claims to misunderstand the next generation to blaming foreign policy, it is clear that their attempts to control extremists in their midst have been half-hearted at best.

A bit more stick and a bit less carrot is needed I think. The UK should give these guys one more chance to provide meaningful co-operation with kicking out preachers of hate/provide intelligence re terrorists - if they fail, cut off all state support for Islamic organisations and remove charitable status of all Islamic charities. Actually deport the illegals in their communities and, stop all further migration from terrorist hotbeds such as Pakistan. Have a marketing campaign backed by voluntary resettlement packages (to Islamic countries) for Muslim families who are opposed to the British way of life. In other words think the unthinkable.


Anonymous said...

Can "moderate"(by which I mean non-extreme, but yet non-secular Muslims be expected to be able to control the extremists? I think not, and expecting so is a bit unfair...

I'm not British, and don't want to comment or "butt in" on a British domestic issue(I'm American) but the thought has often struck me.

Praguetory said...

You're probably right about controlling extremists... but you can expect them to report them to authorities/criticise them. As you'll see from the letter referred to in the post above all we get from the "moderates" are veiled threats and blackmail.