12 September 2006

Best, Freshest And Most Innovative Part II

Think Wembley, Supercasino and peerages. The British public is well used to Labour handing out awards for reasons other than merit. Now they've gone and sandbagged their own supporters. I previously blogged on Labour's official blogger competition for their September conference in Manchester. Labour said they were looking for the best, freshest and most innovative blogger. In fact they have chosen a non-person as a winner (Thirsk & Malton Constituency Labour Party) who writes rubbish or lies (they even think A-Levels aren't getting easier) every few days and isn't even a blogger because you can't leave comments. Check this out. Iain Dale even had him/her/them outside his top 100 Labour bloggers.

Doesn't popular Labour blogger and failed entrant Kerron Cross understand how his party works yet?

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