20 September 2006

Interesting Incoming Links?

It appears that one of the consequences of my blog name is that I get a fair amount of eclectic incoming traffic. Here's a selection of some of the "interesting" incoming links recorded over the last few days.

House Plant Pictures

At the weekend, I got two visits from the juxtaposition specialists at House Plant Pictures. It contains stuff that you might expect (i.e. house plants/seeds/pictures of gardeners) and also the following picture.

A Tad Pole

A refreshing (albeit incoherent) outlook from a Polish Blogger. I presume that her name is Beata. Her profile has been viewed once before. The typeface and the background are pretty intimidating on this popular Polish blog until you scroll down to the pictures showing pavement improvements and smartly dressed schoolkids.

Unhinged Scandinavians

I like the sole picture accompanying this blog which is titled "Yes, jukebox my darling (L)". The rest of the text is no more incomprehensible to me. Can anyone decipher their intro "Eftersom det här är min fjärde blogg så är jag logisk"?

This crazy-assed blog makes reference to Pete Doherty and Babyshambles. I have passed details on to the authorities.

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Croydonian said...

Incoming links are one of those unexpected delights of blogging...