09 September 2006

Prostrate Before Czech Politicians

Czech Television (CT) news department head Zdenek Samal dismissed David Borek for failing to properly moderate an interview with outgoing PM Jiri Paroubek. Samal said;

"A presenter should thoroughly consider any interrupting his guest, who is the main figure in the studio. It is also highly desirable to address the guest according to his post. It is also necessary to thoroughly concentrate on the contents of the guest´s statements and if he wants to argue with him or her, the moderator should be sufficiently prepared,"

I quite liked some of the questions Borek asked such as why the state deficit is so high in a country where the economy is growing at 6 per cent and to draw attention to the fact that the Slovaks under a right wing government also had a good record with respect to economic growth. Interestingly, in a poll 82% supported the sacked journalist. I found this intriguing article from 1998 which also paints Samal in a terrible light - as Croydonian might say "plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose". It's fair to say there is plenty of room but little chance, for a Jeremy Paxman figure on the Czech journalistic scene.

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Ellee said...

They would have a job gagging Paxman, can you imagine it? He has just been voted the most intelligent-sexy man by a UK magazine, it seems women like men with brains who possess a relentless, aggressive streak, but we know he is soft inside, do you remember him crying over his family tree discovery?