26 October 2006

Another Use For Blogs

My girlfriend is currently studying at the University Of New York In Prague. She's getting lots of essays to do as homework. I was thinking that using a blog would be an excellent way of submitting, marking and archiving essays. The other day the girlfriend sent me her essay to print so that she could go to school to submit it the next day. If a blog was used, she could upload the essay at the appropriate time (no question about whether the deadline was met) and the tutor could provide comments and a mark in the comments to the post. As the submissions grow, the tutor and pupil can at a glance check on the progress of the student.

Maybe this has already been done, but I'd be interested to hear of any other innovative ways that the blog template can be used.


CityUnslicker said...

this is a good idea.

Corporates already use e-rooms, which in the notes etc are very similar to blogs.

C4' said...

An excellent idea!