07 October 2006


Pardon the self-indulgence, but I am having a bit of a public review of this blog.

Blog Stats

I've been running MyBlogLog for almost a month as have a lot of other political bloggers. It's the only tool I use to see where people have come from, what they have viewed and what links they click.


Here are the top 10 sites from which people have visited in the last month. A few surprises in there, I think.

Looking for a Voice - mine?
Dizzy Thinks
Iain Dale - you're not giving me enough traffic!
Ellee Seymour
Pakman - he linked in to this joke.
The Daily Pundit - TDP has kindly linked to me in his posts several times
Chris Black - a decent Lib Dem.
Peter Martinovic
A Very British Dude - we were adjacent in Iain Dale's top 100 Conservative bloggers list

Google "praguetory" or "prague tory" are also v popular ways of coming to this site as is the website www.expats.cz where I post under a different name.


Here are the top 10 external sites that people clicked in the last month(these figures are probably significantly skewed by my clicking)

Iain Dale (279 clicks!!! - I'm certain that those aren't all me)
Dizzy Thinks
James Cleverly
Political Hack
Guido Fawkes
Peter Smallbone
Ellee Seymour
Prison Works
The Notorious Bob Piper

Impact Of Political Blogging On Me

- Met lots of right-wingers with whom I agree
- Met lots of right-wingers with whom I disagree
- Improved my pub political argument skills
- More impatient with Labour and Labour supporters
- Moved from being Euro-Scizophrenic to Euro-Sceptic
- Becoming a more libertarian and a more socially conscious Tory
- Involvement in successful political campaigns (ReinstateRoger) and embryonic ones (Prison Works)
- Less time for other stuff

Future Short-Term Plans For The Blog

- Keep blogging at a rate of 1 a day
- Improve design, colours, features and formatting - probably through Mike Rouse.
- Ask a few of my regular visitors who don't, to link to me.
- Get more expats in Prague aware of the site.
- Focus on two political projects - Conservatives Abroad in Prague and Prison Works. Turn down getting involved in other stuff.
- Try to be nicer to Labour bloggers

Happy to have 30 to 50 readers a day with the occasional upward blip. Please provide me with any comments or suggestions to the above.


Croydonian said...

I think you are doing more than well, frankly.

Re visitor data etc I use site meter for stats, and although statcounter goes into greater detail, the blocking cookie to keep my visits off the meter never survives the end of a session. Very annoying. Referer.org and technorati are handy ways of finding out who is linking to you.

Iain Dale is my lead referer, more down to my posts there then the link I think.

Praguetory said...

Thanks for the incoming traffic, Croydonian. As I've said before, the best thing about my site is the outgoing links and yours is one of if not the best.

Anonymous said...

Blimey !

Praguetory said...

Guthrum - you've been added.

UK Daily Pundit said...

I second Croydonian. Your blog is always an interesting read and always worth visiting daily. One thing I've noticed since starting blogging is what a decent bunch the Tory bloggers are as opposed to the pompous, arrogant, labour bloggers. Out of all the Labour blogs there's only one that appears to be written by a real human being - Bob Piper's blog.

Ellee said...

I thought you had been blogging for ages, thanks for my traffic too. I would like to see you develop your East European links, get more readers from there, particularly the ex-pats, maybe even a few locals. I enjoy reading about life in Prague too.

Croydonian said...

Re DP's comment, all the bloggers I've met in the flesh seem are thoroughly splendid individuals too.

I tend to steer clear of the Labour blogs as they make my teeth itch, but yes, Piper does deserve credit for being as personal and as frank as it is. Antonia Bance seems a pleasant individual and she deserves a great deal of respect for the civilised and honest way she engaged with Ellee and others over Pillowgate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that

Chris Black said...

I think you're on the right lines.

I enjoy reading this blog, which is why I link to it.

I'm not that keen on blogs which simply mock the 'other parties' (unless they are actuallly funny, like say Millenium Elephant). So blogs which use phrases like 'limp dems' tell me I'm not welcome , so I will seldom bother to look at them.....

MJ Martin said...

I too must say thanks for the traffic. That was very interesting stuff actually. I enjoy your blog - must visit a couple of times a week at least (and your comments on mine are appreciated). I too have been amazed by the impact blogging has had on me.

My "Future Short-Term Plans" mostly involve making comments on other people's blogs and not just thinking about it and then forgetting!

Seriously, well done. The pub political argument skills are bound to be invaluable...

Praguetory said...

Martine - I love your humour - that comment re making comments then forgetting was very pertinent.
Chris - I can categorically say I will never use the word Limp-Dem and I doubt I'll tell you you're not welcome.

Praguetory said...

Oh and thanks to everyone else for the comments and suggestions.