19 October 2006

Long Long Weekend

I'm back in the UK this weekend for a wedding and will be extending my stay for my Dad's 60th and getting some admin out of the way. I've realised that my to do list is fairly extensive and I'm not yet close to being properly packed. Therefore, I've made the decision not to blog until the middle of next week. I may get the occasional chance to check for comments etc, but the timehole that is blogging is on hold for now. Bye for now.


Ellee said...

You've certainly got far more important things to think about this weekend than blogging - have a great time.

Average guy on the street said...

I know it's a bit off topic but I think I owe you a bit of credit :)

Average guy on the street said...

By the way, I've forwarded the web address to Matt, who is our Tory society chairman. Thanks for letting me know :)