08 October 2006

Spin Alert No 5435803

In most countries the following words from a top judge would result in drastic remedial action. In the UK, it's all part of managing a crisis. Whereas your average citizen is thinking why aren't more criminals apprehended and put in jail, a top Labour supporter (who happens to be a judge) questions why certain inmates are in jail. Isn't it incredible that this announcement coincides with emergency measures to reduce prison overcrowding?

Two important extracts struck me from this understated BBC article

1. A risk of more drug abuse and absconds had been "accepted as inevitable" by Mr Reid.
2. Emergency measures to reduce prison overcrowding will not expose the public to more dangerous criminals, Attorney General Lord Goldsmith has promised.

Explain to me how having more drug addicts in the prison system and more "unauthorised absences" cannot expose the public to more dangerous criminals. This isn't an overnight crisis. We've been "approaching" the 80,000 system full figure for what seems like an age. Bearing in mind that we are talking to abolitionists, allow me to turn up the volume - BUILD MORE PRISONS.


CityUnslicker said...

I agree with build more prisons, we must try new things to reduce recidivism though as this is a huge factor in us needing so many places.

Praguetory said...

I don't disagree, but the reason that reoffending rates are so high is because prisons have never been so overcrowded - at places like Feltham prisoner are locked up for 23 hours a day due to overcrowding and under-staffing. This government doesn't succeed in rehabilitating because they don't agree with punishing criminals. Let's get the horse before the cart - and BUILD MORE PRISONS.

John East said...

Well spoken. I watched John Reid’s speech announcing the crisis measures live on TV this afternoon. It was very depressing.
What really annoyed me was after about a minute of the reply from David Davis the BBC cut to Patricia Hewitt’s statement on North Korea.

I managed to hear David Davis ask why the Home Office’s own prediction, made in 2002, that prison numbers would increase past today’s level a few years hence had been ignored. We weren’t allowed to hear the reply. Did Reid plead incompetence or policy? We’ll never know.

I was so annoyed by the BBC that I turned the TV off, so another thing I’ll never know is whether Patricia Hewitt announced that it would only take North Korea 45 minutes to launch a strike on the West.

Average guy on the street said...

Build more prisons completely!