03 October 2006

Tuesday Start Of The Day

I feel like I've almost achieved what I set out to do this Conference.

Conservatives Abroad

Yesterday's CA AGM was great fun. There were representatives from New York (who will be establishing a branch there), Washington, Spain, Malta, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic and most impressively Australia. We were given the facts on overseas voter registration. There are 2.5m UK voters living overseas. 17,500 of these (less than 1%) are registered to vote - undoubtedly even less actually vote. CA should exist to get more people registered and we discussed a few ideas. I'm meeting the members from Washington, Australian and Switzerland today at 11. It's fair to see that CA members are more right-wing than today's Tories from what I can gather.


I have met many bloggers. Unfortunately, not as many as I had hoped because of the problems with passes which have left the likes of Trevor Ivory outside of the main conference (STOP PRESS - he has his pass at 7.40 last night). I was hoping the blogging stand might be something like a clinic. Instead, the blogging stand seems to be somewhere where Iain meets, greets and blogs.

Birmingham Tories

Had a few drinks with them, but haven't met the leader (Whitby). Oh well.

Anyway, off to see DD for a breakfast session.


Anonymous said...

Chris Palmer from Political Crossroads. You still haven't phoned me. You have one day left!

Ellee said...

Yes, time to write another post too, let's hear about the other bloggers you have met, any juicy gossip you came across.

Bob Piper said...

You can ask Whitless about his new Jag... and expensive office redecoration, which must be a bit of a waste of money because he's never there. Or why, if Birmingham is so bloody marvellous, doesn't he consider actually moving to live there.

Praguetory said...

I kept just missing Whitby, unfortunately. I'm sure his offices will be put to good purpose. Bob, do you have any friends left who are Labour councillors in Brum?