26 November 2006


Please watch this, the most recent Darfur video and check out WebCameron for related stuff. Some facts to ponder on.

- There are 2 million displaced people in Sudan due to this government-backed ethnic cleansing
- There are just 5000 African Union troops policing an area the size of France

I put it as strongly as this - the West's failure to act in Darfur makes it almost immoral to support their other ventures. Hotel Rwanda is one of my favourite films. Groundhog Day isn't - a combination of both is unfolding.


Anonymous said...

I don't see why Britain should risk the lives of our soldiers when it has nothing to do with us.

If the solution involves military force we should not be involved.

Praguetory said...

That is the attitude that will allow a genocide to take place. The international community's reluctance to provide muscle leaves us to negotiate with these local strongmen without a full deck. Rewind to 1992 Rwanda. What do you do?

Anonymous said...

Rhwanda, Darfur, Zimbabwe etc. are areas where we can do some good, instead of wasting our troops and resources in the likes of Iraq where the people as a whole will be fighting after we leave regardless.

If we must use our troops...use them in a an area and operation where they can do some good.

NEWMANIA said...

Could not agree more P . It is , in truth , the single foreign issue that concerns me .