08 November 2006

Five Days To Go

No word yet. The media industry is notorious for its exploitation of workers. It must be something to do with the "glamour" of the industry. You can't imagine Labour seeking the services of a non-supporter to audit accounts for free or fix a computer for free... or maybe you can? As part of investigating Danny's case I have come across an online resource called The TV Watercooler for people at every level from runner to producer in the media world. It has some very active messageboards and it is run by admins well-versed in advising on worker exploitation issues.

Frankly if someone isn't going to get paid for producing a series of films for the governing party, the media industry might as well pack up and go home. Later in the week, I would like to present a quote from a professional film company for Danny's assignment for comparison purposes. Any media professionals, feel free to make your suggestion for 6 days of work across the country plus 3 days of editing plus providing all the equipment for this.

We have yet to turn the screw on the Labour Party. They received the e-mails yesterday and the letters should have landed on their mat this morning. Further details will be revealed as the deadline approaches... or they can pay up.

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