03 November 2006

Next Steps On The Danny Dewsbury Scandal

My bank manager and I are grateful for the initial response to this post. Some people have been asking about the next steps.

I intend to keep the request open until midday Tuesday.

At this stage, I will draft a letter to the Labour Party providing them with a final opportunity to pay the aggrieved film-maker his dues. I suggest that we give the Labour Party until Friday morning to respond to this request. Should they fail again, I propose that we track Danny Dewsbury down and present him with a cheque - maybe Danny would like to put this event on film for posterity.

Should it come to such a pass, myself, Dizzy and Croydonian will set up a system of payment.

List of contributors to date in order of when they pledged.

Blogger Rigger Mortice
Sam Coates at Conservative Home
King Lear
Ellee Seymour
Tom Paine (I have linked to your excellent blog)
Andrew Kennedy

I hope this helps. Any suggestions on the contents of the letter to the Labour Party gratefully received.


Ellee said...

I'll add £20 too. I agree with Verity's suggestion over at Croydonian to try and get him on 18 Doughty Street to talk about his so called work experience.

Ellee said...

P.S. Have you flagged this up with some Labour bloggers too so they have the opportunity to cough up. We don't want them to say they didn't know anything about it. If I were you, I would post this appeal on all their sites and ask for donations from them as well, including Miliband.

Praguetory said...

I know that a few Labour bloggers have visited, but I suppose not everyone has the cash to spare. I'd appreciate blogging support just as much as financial support from the Labour brethren. Tell you what, let's see if we can find any Labour bloggers banging on about social justice and see if we can arouse their interest.

kinglear said...

I think we should have a mini-dinner to present the cheque - and definitely a visit to 18Doughty Street