19 November 2006

Tabloid Power

I do not profess to be an expert on child protection or managing sex offenders, but when the Association of Chief Police Officers' spokesman on these matters speaks out I'm listening. In today's Sunday Times he suggests that sex offenders who prey on pubescent under 16s should be treated differently to those preying on pre-pubescents/ This view chimes - it seems crazy that this isn't already the case. But I found this the most worrying quote ;

"The last three years has been a litany of abandonment of any real strategic design in the Home Office for the management of sex offenders in favour of trying to find out what one particular tabloid newspaper wants,"

I've said it before and I'll say it again as long as I see it from this shower. Across the board, NuLabour's agenda is determined by the tabloids - even on these most sensitive issues. Marked by incompetence in delivery, under Labour we are repeatedly served up with a damaging cocktail of right-wing rhetoric coupled with left-wing implementation.


Scrybe said...

I wouldn't say "across the board" and nor would I single out nulabour when all previous governments have been guilty of the same thing, but the pathetic pandering to tabloids has resulted in some desultory measures which would better have been left in the civil service offices.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, I notice little support for ths in today's press. Commonsense has not made any government policy for my entire adult life now.

CU is 31 and a bit.