06 December 2006

A Bit Of EU Stuff

I could string a sentence together about the following MEPs.


But can you describe or even name a single Labour MEP? I can't. If you can, please go to comments and give us the benefit of your insights about them. Swearing will not be censured or censored.

Gravy Train

Whilst on the topic, I have to recommend a couple of recent posts. Chris Palmer posts on his trip to Brussels with his fellow Reinstate Roger campaigners. Particularly liked this extract -

"Truly, the European Union and Parliament is the ultimate bureaucracy. Fat unaccountable MEPs wining and dining on extravagant taxpayers funded expense accounts, far away from the glare of the media spotlight and safe and secluded in the sanctity of their black deathstar-like Parliament; all so very distant from the people they are supposedly meant to be representing. I even liked the way that offices for Turkish MEPs and representatives had been built before the country is even a member of the EU – almost as if someone had already made a decision that Turkey will be a member despite negotiations supposedly taking place and a vote sometime soon… They call it democracy."

His post ends enigmatically.

Institutional Financial Weaknesses

On the theme of EU waste, former EU finance chief Marta Andreasen (the first qualified accountant to be appointed CFO of the EU) recently spoke at the Institute Of Chartered Accountants in Birmingham. Normally, I find his posts overlong (sorry Nigel), but I recommend reading every word of this post by Nigel Hastilow. I am sure you will agree that Marta has been treated dreadfully by the EU for telling the truth / doing her job.

By the way, when you consider that she was authorising and overseeing billions of euros of expenditure her £85,000-a-year salary appears extraordinarily low. Just another indicator of the EU's attitude to our money imho.

Big hat tip Political Crossroads and Nigel Hastilow - the view north of Watford


Croydonian said...

Glenys Kinnock and Michael 'I used to be in Eastenders' Cashman.

Yes, I'm sad.

Praguetory said...

I'm kicking myself about Cashman. Wasn't there some acrimony between (Blair loyalist) Cashman and Tom Watson when TW resigned?

Croydonian said...

Guido seems to think so.

Anonymous said...

The EU is not a gravy train, it is a gravy boat!

Ellee said...

There's Richard Howitt from my patch. But I'm proabably the only one in East Anglia knows due to the nature of my work. We also have two UKIP MEPs.

Anonymous said...

Jill Evans, Plaid Cymru. But then, I would say that.

Anonymous said...

They're all a bunch of c****.

Anonymous said...

No you already got my two - that bloke from Eastenders and Mrs Kinnock. Do you know the all the Kinnocks make a fortune from the Euro thing - both of the offspring work there - by coincidence of course.

Is there a fat black bird or is she in the House of Commons?

Praguetory said...

Both Glenys or Cashman are famous from before they went to Brussels. Is any Labour MEP actually making an impact there? It appears not.