11 December 2006

Internet TV - 18 Doughty Street

Internet TV is undoubtedly the future. I for one watch more of it than real TV (might be do with where I live). My staple is the excellent political website 18 Doughty Street. One outstanding feature of it is the interactivity so you can share your comments and questions by text, mail, MSN or even on skype (that's my preference). I think that the level of debate has had a positive effect and will continue to do so. Soundbite politicians don't survive a visit to Doughty Street. Tonight are some of my favourite presenters and bloggers.

Most of all I recommend the 9pm VOX politics. It's a case of full house as my blogroll links to every one of the four people who will be in the studio. The maestro Iain Dale will be hosting the discussion.

Going from right to left, next is the charismatic Stephen Tall. This young Lib Dem is in his 20s but has around 7 years council experience behind him already. One for the future and always with many an original viewpoint.

Tonight also features the magnificent Paul Burgin of Mars Hill whose thoughtfulness and decency shine through. Paul's series of blogging interviews is one of the most interesting reads in the political blogosphere.

Finally, of course is the delectable Kerron Cross. He really puts himself into his blog and his site is brilliantly entertaining - he's Labour's number one in Iain Dale's list. I'm sure there'll be covering some interest topics so I'll be tuning in and recommend you do too.

Also, on 18 Doughty Street are archived interviews. The one-to-one with Iain Dale and Peter Hennessy on the homepage is one of the best interviews I have seen in an age. That man Hennessy should teach the art of conversation.


Stephen Tall said...

'Charismatic'... well, that's got rid of my performance anxiety...

(And in my 20s for another 13 weeks.)

james higham said...

In turn, Iain describes Praguetory as 'increasingly unmissable'.

Ellee said...

Bob has a personal message for you on this latest post:


ghost of john trenchard said...

skype? huh?

whats their skype address? i find the chat (non vocal - just typing) interface to be far far better than MSN or any other IM client.

Anonymous said...

Is this to make up for your car crash TV comments? :o)

Praguetory said...

Partly. Also, I happen to like Kerron, Paul, Iain and Stephen. All top blokes. If I didn't care about 18 DS, I wouldn't have posted the car crash TV one.