14 December 2006

Responding To A Blogger Who Remains Active In Retirement


When Bob “retired” from blogging, he didn’t mean it. In continuing a debate over the rights and wrongs of the last few days at his site and others Bob Piper’s been blogging more than ever. This includes the comments section of his own blog. Bob does not allow me to comment on his site so the best way for me to respond to the false allegations he has made against me is here.

I Did Not Talk To The Media

One false allegation from Bob is that I ran off at the mouth to the media. As Bob gave this defiant interview with the media on Saturday, that allegation is pretty rich. Nevertheless the allegation is also untrue. I have not spoken to or corresponded with any journalist and as far as I am aware no journalist has even attempted to contact me. I have a mobile in Prague which doesn’t do international calls. So for me to have been talking to the media, they would need my mobile number. No journalist has my number. I don't need to talk to a journalist. They need only read my blog.

Shock Horror - Blogger Communicates With Other Bloggers

The other allegation Bob makes is that I whipped up other bloggers. What the hell has been doing for the best part of a week. When an argument is taking place, others will get involved. Is Bob saying other bloggers can’t think for themselves? That they would attack his viewpoint on my say so, without just cause.

What Sort Of Apology Is That?

Bob gave an unreserved apology for the offence caused. As you can see, from my postings of the last few days, I have stopped talking about the incident. If Bob was genuinely sorry about the offence caused, he would really stop blogging about the incident that started this. Some people would like to prolong this circus, I am not one of them. It is disappointing to see that the vitriolic attacks from people somewhat connected with Bob have spread to other sites particularly Guido’s and Iain Dale’s.

Outing An Anonymous Blogger

Bob has personally threatened to have me outed with press releases and assorted paraphernalia. I always had the suspicion that Bob would continue to miss the point and he has. As he stands before the standards board, talks to the paper or his party officials and sounds my name off, everyone will wonder what he’s on about. Outing a blogger who until recently got 50 readers a day. It’s hardly the stuff of David and Goliath is it? Do you think Bob's proposed breach of internet etiquette is defensible. As I have previously blogged I have plans to out myself in due course. Can’t you wait, Bob?

Note : Bob has given me permission to release an e-mail he sent to me on Sunday evening. It does not put him in a good light. In fact, I would imagine it would mark the end of his political career. I have decided today to pass this e-mail to my party headquarters to consider how or whether to release it.


Below is Bob's Technorati graph. From what Bob and others have said he had a bad time of it for the last few days. The graph should offer Bob some encouragement. If he keeps a low profile for a while and doesn't attack me, Bob's media exposure should diminish back to normal and he should have a quiet Christmas.


newmania said...

Jesus P what on earth is going on ?He immiediately struck me as an old man who had lost it. Are you sure you aren`t demeaning yourslef by engaging with him .

You know best but he seems a sad case to me

Guido Fawkes Esq. said...

Asked permission to release an email/passed ity to CCHQ.

Don't be wet, publish it now!

Anonymous said...

Guido is right

The Morningstar said...

I've pretty much taken the whole thing as a stupid mistake by Bob and the person who originally made the image. The sort of thing anyone can do when they don't think.

If Bob has been dumb and sent emails that could threaten his position then he deserves to see them published.

newmania said...

Guido is right

newmania said...


Anonymous said...

PT, this has really hit Bob hard and he didn't see it coming. It's sad in a way. He is looking for someone to blame and unfortunately he has chosen you. He credits you with much more power than you actually have.

Bob's blog is widely read both nationally and locally. That is what caused it to hit the mainstream. If Bob was able to check his readership he would see that it included journalists.

Bob identified himself as a councillor and the area that he represents. Which means that he should maintain a standard within his blog.

Once the negative comments starting hitting the post, journalists were then able to comment and quote from it.

There is a lesson here that we all can learn from but we should move on.

Anonymous said...

The fact that just about the only comments appearing on Bob Pipers site are supportive, and he's not letting
PT reply to his allegations - that would imply he's very unsure of his position. Sad really.

How typical NuLabour to try to deflect attention onto PT - he just doesn't realise that PT *isn't* the story here.

newmania said...

The only possible excuse is that he is senile . If so its better he finds out now .

Kick his crutch away and rub his nose in it P Just tell me what is going on its driving me mad!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When snakes feel threatened they strike out.

Bob Piper's just in a fit of panic over his tarnised reputation. I don't think anyone takes him seriously anymore.

Anonymous said...

"Once the negative comments starting hitting the post, journalists were then able to comment and quote from it."

There's a very interesting and supportive comment on Bob's last post from Phil Bateman.

Could it be the former Mayor of Wolverhampton, Labour Councillor Phil Bateman, who surely should be distancing himself from Councillor Piper's indiscretion as opposed to showering him in glory?

james higham said...

...Bob does not allow me to comment on his site so the best way for me to respond to the false allegations he has made against me is here...

Not only, Praguetory. I'm running a post on this myself now.

Ellee said...

Publish and be damned, I agree.

Bob fell on his own sword, he has only himself to blame.

Anonymous said...


Typical NuLab approach from Bob piper. If you are not supporting them 100% then you are wrong in everything you do and say.

Joe said...

There's no need to post this comment

As in the words of that old favourite Dad's Army " They don't like it up 'em "

You weren't afraid to attribute the name of Kaz to a totally different person risking that person getting a load of abuse but when it comes to you, you don't like it. Unfair games play twice!

Praguetory said...

I've posted your comment because it brings up a loose end I'd like to tie up. Based on the comments to this post I (fairly I think) assumed Kaz was a BME Lib Dem councillor in Birmingham. As the name didn't include a link at that time I presumed the name was a pseudonym. A commenter to my site tried to match Kaz to a real councillor. Myself, I have no idea about how the Kaz identity matched to the real world. I did not attribute the name of Kaz to any person (if you think I did, show me how). On the other hand, I didn't realise how big this thing was going to become. Hindsight is always 20/20, but I do feel bad about anyone whose nose was put out of joint. I want to mend the bridges with any such individual and when CCHQ gets in touch with me (I think the Blair arrest is keeping them busy) I will raise this precise point. On the other hand, nobody deserves abuse for being offended.

Man in a shed said...

Your certainly on line for your blogger prediction No5. Every so often I wonder over to socialist blogs and have a go at them - but I never seem to get a reaction. You've done much better, raisewd a good point and got an reaction - well done.

When the next general election kicks of we should all wonder over to the "Alice in Socialism" blogs and stir things up a bit by reconnecting them to reality. But on policy - not peronalities.

Then the British public might get some real politics - rather than the stage managed stuff.

Jess, Sandwell said...

As a floating voter in Sandwell I've been really interested in this story. Like many <25's I don't know how to vote, or where I stand anymore.
But the vitriol spouted at Bob Piper has not done anything other than reinforce the pushed idea that the Tory's are out of touch.
*Blacking up* has been an acceptable part of main stream comedy for a while now (Little Britain is only one example).
I'm no rocket scientist but even I can see (I think) that the idea of the picture was a satirical look at what the Tory Party's race relations website might look like, as they'd missed the mark so widely with the personal debt one.

All the cries of racism just enforce the point Piper was trying to make that the Cameron has no idea of race relations.

Even if you don't agree with the view point that *black up* is acceptable the personal attacks say far more about the *opposition* than Piper.

Anonymous said...

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