17 December 2006

Tory Youth

It's all very well to say that you are as young as you feel, but age is more than a number - and I'm happy to pay tribute to the relative strengths of my juniors. At their best, youngsters can exhibit optimism, bravery, flexibility and brilliance which are rarely seen in older specimens. And with all the talk of Cameron and the Tories appealing to yoof I've decided to put them in the spotlight.

Before I start, I think that the Leftie/Grauniad view of youngsters is erroneous at best. An alien from the planet Zog would conclude from that propaganda that the political youth of today are wholly alienated by previous generations, hyper-liberal on social issues, interested in the environment above all else and fairly selfless. That's not borne out by my experience. Independently minded, many feel that their ambitions are frustrated by the high cost of housing and high levels of taxes in the UK and definitely have issues with the nanny state. Generally fun-loving, most express deep concern about general standards of behaviour - more than the baby-boomers seem comfortable articulating. I certainly find a lot in common with young Conservative bloggers and want to put a few of them in the spotlight.

Youth Blogfathers

I'm going to start by mentioning two bloggers who in their different ways are making a great contribution to the young conservative network. First of all I must mention John Moorcraft who is doing a PhD research on Conservative Future and must have the greatest amount of Young Conservative blogroll of anyone. I'm going to call his webiste CF Links Central in my blogroll, not that his posts aren't worth checking. Next up is Mark Clarke - in his role as CF Chairman he is getting his hands dirty and enthusing and managing the troops in a way that is sure to contribute to the wider cause. Young Conservatives seem to be responding very positively to his initiatives especially the marginal seat campaign programme.

Uni Students

Next, I'm going to mention two 21 year olds. Thunderdragon has been on the scene from before I started and I like the way he handles a broad range of subjects in an engaging and friendly manner. Definitely one of the good guys. Fairly new to the scene Tejus Ramakrishnan moves in similar blogging circles to me and is a sharp guy - in the best sense. He is developing an interesting blogging style and he doesn't shy away from ideological positions.

Teen Idols

Finally, I'm going to mention two teenagers. They are the next generation. The impressive historical knowledge they both demonstrate in their blogging goes way beyond a history GCSE syllabus and surely indicates their effective manipulation of the Internet as a resource. I'm feeling particularly well disposed to 17 year old Will B at the moment. Not only are his use of graphics excellent and his blog coherent, but I particularly appreciated his (unsolicited) support during the Piper debacle. Finally, I'll mention the youngest of my recommended bloggers Sam Tarran aged 15. A Midlander, Sam tells it like it is. I'm sure he has Lefty teachers and their like pulling their hair out.

Other Favourites Already Listed

Whilst on the topic, I will mention the excellent Bimingham Uni CF site (which I have listed under Midlands in my links). Also, Martine Martin's Lebwog and Chris Palmer of Political Crossroads are young bloggers. They have been on my blogroll for a while and are worth regular visits.

Which of the above do you think are the best and what have I missed? And what impact do you think that the under 30 Tories are having on the party at large? I'll sort the blogroll out once we've had a discussion.


BUCF said...

Thanks for mentioning us PT. You're not so bad yourself!

Praguetory said...

Nuff of the mutual admiration. Tell me which other excellent blogs I'm missing out on?

Croydonian said...

The funny thing is that I tend not to give any thought to the age of bloggers, unless they make a point of it. Judging from the Dale / Fawkes bash, blogging is a very 30 / 40 something pastime, so all due credit to the younger folk making a splash. I know TD, Tejus, Martine and Will for their blogging (if not in the flesh), and they would stand out in any tour of our wing of the blogosphere.

PT - I hope that you won't break down the rest of your links into age groups....

Praguetory said...

Segregation all the way with me - you know what I'm like. Seriously, I'll probably put Mark and John into a section on young Conservatives as that is axiomatic to their identity. As for the others, it's up to them. I'd be very happy to put them all in the catgeory marked right-wing bloggers I admire if there's no objection.

Anonymous said...

A Young Conservative should win the award for best christmas blog decorations. Truly inspirational. He's also got a good post up about his first CF debate. Martine Martin will be the blog to watch next year. If she blogs about her internship at Westminster it would make for fascination reading.

Cracking post as usual PT. And what about Guido letting Brown off the hook?

Will_B said...

As I said on my blog, many thanks for the mention and the kind words you have for me.

I welcome discussion on my blogging as I'm aways looking to find better ways of doing it and keeping people interested while keeping it vaguely intelligent.

I can't say I know of any other young Conservative blogs other than the ones you have mentioned so far... D:

I'd certainly not object to you putting us into the category marked 'Right-wing bloggers I admire'.

Praguetory said...

One for the future is a Young Conservative. I noted that you linked to his post on that. Also, Martine is a smart and a tough cookie. One of the best out there.

Re Brown/Blair it's like this. I back whoever needs to be shored up the most. Incessant back-stabbing and fighting is much more fun but it requires that nobody establishes the clear upper hand. They are both desperate.

Will_B said...

Thanks DP! I rather enjoy Christmas.

I have to agree with you PT. And actually, Brown and Blair fighting with each other doesn't have a bad affect on the country. The longer they keep at this the sooner they'll both be gone from Downing Street!

Gordon Comstock said...

GC is 26 and did some copywriting for Conservative Future a while back. I also featured as one of "Dave's Babes" in the Indie article on young tories.

The Observer ran the same feature a fortnight ago, but with more young tories and better research. The tories they found were not suprising when you looked at their background. All that Cameron has done is made it alright for them to admit that they are tories.

btw- I'm not rooting for a place in your list, I haven't blogged for ages. We are out here though.

Average guy on the street said...

I'm 19 and in CF. I don't mind about not being mentioned as I don't post very many entries (I prefer to be really opinionated on something before I post it onto my blog) and also a lot of what I post is more relevant to student politics (that I am quite involved in). If anyone wants to go there, my blog is at outfromthecrowd.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, PT. Greatly appreciated as always!

Anonymous said...

Try this one PT. http://lizziefison.blogspot.com/

Lizzie has just started recently and I like her.

Anonymous said...

Hello hello, gossiping about me chaps? Just kidding - thanks for the endorsement PT, and you too Croydonian. I'm entirely flattered.

This is an interesting point you raise actually. While I wouldn't exactly identify myself as a "young conservative" so much as just a plain old ordinary one, I do have a CF wing in my sidebar so I can hardly say anything against that approach. Really, I personally don't mind either way.

I suppose it depends on whether the blogger in question makes their age a specific feature or purpose of their blog or not.

Anonymous said...

How about the odd mention for us ‘young’ Conservative Councillors!

Check my blog at www.robertrams.co.uk

And another 'young' Conservative Councillor who is blogging, Richard Weider,


Both of us are on the Tory Controlled Barnet Council.


Anonymous said...

I'm very much flattered by my inclusion in the list and your lovely comments!

I don't think that age plays much difference in how people blog, though it obviously makes a difference in what they blog about - like I focus far more on things that do, or are likely to, affect me or of which I have recent experience. It also affects the reason to blog, though my mind is not working sufficiently right now to come up with a cogent explanation for this.

I identify myself on my blog as "young Conservative" because that is what I am. I am a Conservative, but I am also still relatively young.

Ellee said...

It's good to see you giving these young bright things a plug, I know Martine, of course, and I'm sure there will be lots more talent on blogsphere in the next year.

John Moorcraft said...

I am extremely flattered to be acknowledged in your list of notable young conservative bloggers Praguetory, many thanks!

Tejus Ramakrishnan said...

cheers mate...
i ended up in france unexpectedly and so hvnt been able to get online..thnks for mentionin me again..

Chris Palmer said...

Thanks for the link. It would appear the above have far too much time to post more frequently than I do!