29 December 2006

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

One of the prime benefits arising from blogging is the chance to meet (and occasionally work with) like-minded individuals. Tim Montgomerie, the editor of Conservative Home is one of those people. Amongst the things I like about Tim is that he has a track record of putting his own political convictions ahead of party politics.

Why am I bowing and scraping I hear you ask? Well, I do mean it actually, but I have to confess that I want to turn the conversation to the inaugural Conservative blog awards 2006. Many of you might not yet be aware of this invitation for nominations. I think it's great that a range of blogs can be recognised in this way and have made a few suggestions of my own. My only gripe is that I'd also like to see a category for most innovative blogging concept to give a chance to non-traditional blogs like Tory Radio, Serf and Beau Bo D'Or.

Pay a visit and leave your suggestions. I wouldn't wish to influence readers, but for sheer man hours spent on the Danny Dewsbury and the Councillor Piper affair (see my archives) I would be delighted if someone were to second Croydonian in nominating me for the blog campaign award. I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but winning that award would be a great motivation for me to cast aside my anonymity.


BUCF said...

You definately deserve an award praguetory - you are near the top of the political blogosphere I would have thought, with your quality content blog.

Croydonian said...

No more than you richly deserved mate. You took on the DD and Piper businesses and you stuck to it doggedly AND got the scalps.

Anonymous said...

You had been seconded already PT but i thought an extra nomination would do you no harm.

Wishing you all the best for the New Year

Praguetory said...

Cheers guys. I'm having bloggers' block this morning.

Jonathan Sheppard said...

Praguetory - Ive head a snippet that you are about to be awarded an award in the Tory Radio New Years honours list. Not sure it carries the same weight as one from the Queen though!