04 January 2007

5 Things

Uber-blogger Iain Dale has tagged me to write five things you probably didn't know about me.

1. I'm an eldest child and an eldest cousin (there are 10 siblings/cousins looking up to me - ;-))
2. In 1992 I stood in school elections as the Conservative candidate beating Labour but losing to the Lib Dems. It still serves as a handy excuse to explain why I didn't become a prefect, I think.
3. I have represented England at chess (at under 16 level and I lost)
4. In my youth I snogged a girl out of Byker Grove (please don't ask for names, but it wasn't Spuggy)
5. On the Kremlin theme (following on from Iain's list), I bribed my way in when I found out all the tour tickets were sold. The guard told me not to grin like a Westerner and I would be OK.

I tag Shotgun, Danvers, Don Paskini and the indomitable Paul Newman.


newmania said...

The chess is impressive P. I failed at the last county trial for Herts at under 19 level rugby. I met opposing wingers who were bigger faster and much better. It is nonetheless the summit of my sporting acheivements to be there ....long ago
I probably cared more about it than anything before or since .

Anonymous said...

I used to play naked roller-skating volleyball for the All-England over 76s.
That was a rush, man

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tagging...

Ellee said...

Very impressive. I spoke Russian to the guards on duty at the Kremlin to worm my way to the front of a very long queue.