19 January 2007

Dog Days

Today's news of Ruth Turner's arrest is moving the political betting market. Read my lips. Today, Friday 19 January a dawn raid was carried out by police to arrest a senior Labour party official concerning cash for honours and perverting the course of justice.

It's pretty clear it's serious Scrap that. What I think is that I've seen enough. Whether the Old Bill secures convictions is now beside the point. Of course, not all Labour party members are hanging their heads in shame about this news. These people are known as hold outs.

Definition of a holdout
a refusal to come to terms in the hope of obtaining a better deal

Of course, Blair is a hold out.

"Ruth Turner is a person of the highest integrity for whom I have great regard and in whom I have complete confidence"

Is that really what the PM should be saying about someone who has just been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice? I wander whether loyal Labour bloggers will be joining him to man the barricades?


Bloggers4Labour said...

What on earth is the point of speculating? Let the police sort it out.

istanbultory said...

Strewth, Bloggers4Labour. Of course, people are going to speculate. Many thought that the "cash for honours" investigation was going to evolve into another whitewash, where nobody is to blame, and nobody is guilty.
Indeed, Blair's allies had hoped that he was in the clear following a police decision not to interview him under caution, and his choice not to have a lawyer present during their interview.
Now we learn that one of his key advisers was arrested today on suspicion of obstructing justice.I would say that casts a dark shadow over Blair in the dying days of his administration. There's plenty of cause for further speculation now.

Praguetory said...

Cheers IT. As I say I've seen enough. Letter of the law is a legal issue. Blair's defence was "these were party peerages" isn't a defence at all. From Levy's approach to Charles Dunstone (you're the head of Carphone Warehouse - we'll have a million off you) to the evidence of Ps & Ks being offered verbally and in writing to the mathematical probability of donors getting Ps & Ks, I've seen enough. That someone is now getting arrested for covering things up is the last straw. Of course I hope that the police secure a conviction, but as I say that is beside the point.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't use the phrase "dog days" anymore as it is "speciesist" - by the way I know Ruth - and she is a nasty and loyal piece of work. Like a Concentration Camp Commandant and Blair as her own personal Hitler.

Praguetory said...

Is an apology required Mutley?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no apology needed - we can hug - you can be Jade and I will be Shilpa. I am five colours by the way!

Anonymous said...

It's called presumption of innocence you moron.

Teri said...

Lets not forget the scandle in Liverpool this nasty liar was involved in

Blair aide in another corruption probe. Daily Mail 2006.


Sorry about the link - not sure how to do it on the blog.

So "Ruth Turner is a person of the highest integrity for whom I have great regard and in whom I have complete confidence"