04 January 2007

Not All FDs Know What They Are Talking About

Accountancy Age reports in a very recent survey that just

85% of finance directors believe the government is using green issues as another avenue through which to increase taxes on business and that revenue raised will not go towards green issues

One irate respondent commented

Once again industry is being hammered because of the government's inability to deal with the worldwide issue. The costs to industry are staggering to comply with current legislation

A spokesman for the Treasury said

Funds raised from green taxes would not go solely towards environmental causes, but a consolidated fund

thus proving that 15% of FDs don't know what they are talking about. Note - Tory Shadow Greg Barker needs to step up his game and sharp. I don't know what he's playing at, but I am most unimpressed with his (lack of) progress at Environment.


newmania said...

I disagree actually P I think Green issues are being used to create revenue . Irwin Seltzer wrote recently that you can tell there is no sincerity because virtuous taxes are not offset with reductions on good things like growth employment and research.

Why not scrap VAT on green products as way to justify scrapping it entirely. We get a mirror image of this

Enviromentalists follow the classic rules of journillism
1 Simplify
2 Exaggerate

...and as Boris said domestic enviromental policy is like farting in a hurricane.
This means we needa world authority which is evolving in a thoroughly unpleasant way . If you want to get an idea of what that would be like refer to the child raping activities of the UN. It will be like the UN ...dreadful but possibly necessarry.

Of course theres no harm in doing a little enviromental baby kissing. I `m a sceptic ..but mnnot a denier

Praguetory said...

Er... I think you're agreeing me and the majority of the respondents actually.

Some of your suggestions have milage.

james higham said...

Yes he is and further - what constitutes 'progress' in your book, PT, for a SHADOW minister?

Praguetory said...

Demonstrating expertise in his field that exceeds the man in the street, clarity of vision and profile meaning I expect to hear more from him about his department than his leader. I don't mind a constituency MP keeping his head down for a bit, but not a shadow minister. At least Miliband is giving it a go. Pull your finger out, Barker.