17 January 2007

Tories For Gordon

What I find so amusing about some of the campaigns championed by bloggers from the left is how ineffective they are. For example this. Even Brown's closest supporters must be getting tired of being sycophantic to a man who seems to be perpetually six months away from claiming the prize. In a classic Blairite twist of the knife, the current Prime Minister also told his successor that he would have to be "new new Labour" to win a fourth term.

Enough's enough. As a campaigner with a successful track record, I have decided that I will lend my support to the Brownite efforts so that the long-suffering Scotsman gets into number 10. Partly inspired by the splendid blogger Serf, I am officially joining the "Tories for Gordon" campaign. The campaign will include making sure that Labour get thumped to a pulp in the May local elections so as to increase the pressure on Blair. I hope I can rely on my reader's enthusiastic support?


Guthrum said...

I cannot get enthusiastic about anything Labour, New Labour or New New Labour, because they are all smoke and mirrors. I pray God that they are about to have their 'Midterm' moment in May and that they get wiped out across the country. At that point they will be squeling like stuck pigs, Blair will have to go as reality will break out in the rank and file, and I am not sure that Brown will be the man to put things back together. And maybe thats the plan, as Blair is the far superior operator.

Croydonian said...

The dream scenario is that Broon never becomes Lord Protector, closely followed by his getting his greasy mitts on 'the precioussss', calling an election and losing it within four months and thus making him the shortest serving PM ever. Just imagine what being referred to as 'Britain's briefest PM' would do to his egg shell fragile ego...

Has anyone seen a close up of his fingernails recently? I expect his fingers are bleeding stumps now.

Serf said...


I have noticed something about Tony's inflation excuse.


Meanwhile, Wat has torn the whole thing to pieces


Lying slags.

Praguetory said...

Cheers serf. I think that it's quite hard to predict what's going to happen over the next year. Brown needs Labour to be obliterated by the Tories at the May elections, otherwise Blair will go on and on.

Tejus Ramakrishnan said...

Prague Tory..
Agree with your last coment..

Also whether labour is new or new new they are still a bunch of nincompoops..

james higham said...

Tories for Gordon seemed a joke but it's really no joke, is it? It's a surefire way to win the 2008 election.

CityUnslicker said...

Supporting Gordon?

What if someone misses the joke...the shame , the shame!

Serf said...

Tories for Gordon has been updated.