12 January 2007

West Midlands Conservatives

After becoming aware of them through Iain Dale, I have added the West Midlands Conservatives website to my blogroll. They have a fairly generous definition of the West Midlands and it is a useful site for learning about news in the wider region. MEP Phil Bradbourn is advertising for a new research assistant which looks like an interesting role for the right person.

I haven’t managed to get through all their blogroll, but I decided to visit Jesse Norman’s website. Jesse is the PPC for the Hereford and South Herefordshire seat and is local to the area. Of course he is well known as a journalist and his recent articles are displayed on his website. In particular I liked this piece on tribal politics.


Chris Palmer said...

http://www.mepwatch.co.uk/ is probably worth your attention. You might like to add a banner or button to your website..!

Praguetory said...

It adorns my header. It doesn't take readers directly to your site yet, but I think they will get the picture.

Cllr Mike Flower said...

I think this blog covers the Conservative Party's West Midlands region as opposed to just the West Midlands county. Good to see the party embracing blog technology to keep us upto date.