09 February 2007

10 Links To Add

In alphabetical order;

1. Arthurian Legend - another lesser-spotted Tory in Islington to complement rather than compete with Newmania legend.

2. Devil’s Kitchen – a deep and free thinker. Despises Socialism.

3. Dr Crippen – a blog about the NHS that has achieved international recognition.

4. English Boat –a blogging concept stunning in its concept and delivery.

5. Jeremy Jacobs - Asked politely for a link and has a fun and prolific site.

6. Michelle Tempest - Brilliant blog. Someone who’s taking action to improve the future of health services in the UK.

7. Peter Hitchens - Dislikes Cameron. Hates Labour. Despises being told what to do. He’s no angel.

8. Rebel Yell - A disgruntled Conservative. An honest and personal account. Just wish he’d call a truce with Mr Newman and wouldn’t link to the damned awful Howard League.

9. Suz Lamido - Finally lifting the (ahem) lid on the Lib Dems.

10. Theo Spark - I like his devil-may-care attitude and his excellent satyre.

I think I'll need some new categories for some of the above.


Anonymous said...
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blinbo said...

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Great list!

istanbultory said...

Blinbo, sling your hook from the blogosphere. Be off with you...cretin.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

The little bastard spammed me earlier as well.

Praguetory, thanks for the link. Much appreciated now Google and Technorati are "removing" the 2000 Bloggers project. Alledgedly.

(Can you put me a new category with Devil's Kitchen - called the Helicopter Minds)

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

I was just reading your great blog and was delighted to have been added - so many thanks. Michelle

Raedwald said...

Oooh! Flattered and delighted! Thanks

james higham said...

Oh well, couldn't hope to be included on such an august list.

Matt Ford said...

Your could always add me?


I could help you Tories learn English.

Chris Black said...

Devil's Kitchen despises a lot of things. But that doesn't excuse him mixing politics with hateful, violent written pornography:

First we are going to prize your legs apart with a f****** carjack (we may need to use several jacks and an army of navvies to get those apart, mind; they can't have been opened in years, and no wonder. No, not even Stevie Wonder) and then we are going to hang you upside down and lower you, head first, into a vat of boiling custard.

Then, whilst you slowly drown in the sticky stuff, huge workmen will take it in turns to go at your c*** with pneumatic drills and then chuck their muck into your now gaping hole. In this way, you will die covered in thick, hot, sticky creme anglaise at both ends.

Link to whoever you like, PT. But if he were a Labour Blogger I don't think you'd be quite so positive about him...