07 February 2007

Away From The Desk

I’ve had an interesting 24 hours away from the PC. I haven’t exactly been working, but I did get paid for it. Here’s what was going on in the real world. Yesterday evening, I went to a mate’s office to get a lift. A corporate poster that I thought the Croydonian might like signed off.

"Live the values. Live the glue."

After a three hour journey through heavy sleet we arrived at Hotel Aston in Bratislava and had a couple of beers. Very spacious rooms. Claret and blue kit. A conference was going on there - "lubricants committed to move your world". As you can see by the website name, the innuendo didn’t start with the slogan. Their business cards were novel too, but not appropriate for a family blog.

Anyway, after a tiring series of morning meetings (yeah right) the working day ended with a spot of hitch-hiking as the mates who drove me the night before were planning on doing a full day’s work before returning to Prague. I made it back via four lifts. The first guy had major arm and hand deformities but was a nifty driver. He pointed out that his car was 23 years old and then dropped me in the middle of nowhere. The next chap explained that he took gas from Russians and put it in holes. He drove me a few junctions up the motorway and left me at a quiet junction where a car sped by every 5 minutes. The next chap was an ugly truck driver with no teeth on his way to Peterborough. Bingo. I couldn’t figure out what he was delivering, but he was very friendly and showed me pictures of his teenage daughter. He stopped just short of Prague, but I didn’t have to wait long for the final lift.


Damon Lord said...

Did you intentionally go to Bratislava to find out who gives a fuchs? ;) And wouldn't it have been quicker back on the train, or did you hitchhike for the adventure?

Praguetory said...

I wasn't intending to find out who gave a fuchs, but I did.

It wouldn't have been quicker on a train - firstly because the train takes 5 hours and secondly because my destination was on the Prague side of Bratislava so it would have taken half an hour to get to the train station (and that's before organising the tickets, waiting etc).

Damon Lord said...

Cool. By the way, only a possibility at the moment, but I might be heading to Praha this summer for a bit, because of my studies. I'm trying to find any excuse to combine a research trip to either Czechia or Germany to do enjoy the beer, and, er, um, do so research for my European culture and identities university course.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Good news. This is one Czech event I can recommend for this summer. It's west of Prague close to the German border.