13 February 2007

British Higher Education

Innovation within higher education is something to be encouraged. Indeed many of our universities are financially dependent on overseas students paying full fees. Some of our august institutions have even built facilities abroad.

Here's a picture of John Prescott, officially opening The University of Nottingham Ningbo, China campus last year. It was reported that John met quite a lot of students and they were delighted to talk to him (is this code for they couldn't understand him?). I have a friend who works in a Business School dealing with applications from abroad. Here's an unabridged email.


:-) Mrs Ponting ?

Hehe,I am so amazed by your letter. First,you can read my chinese name,and it seems that you know the writing order of given name,family name because you call me Mr Hong not Mr Dinpeng,that's incridable! And i think it's funny that your colleges like to pass my letter arround one by one,so you are the by far fourth people to see my letter probably.

Well,i like the gym you mentioned and i won't worry about it any more. What i am now worring the most is the program itself,is it suitable for me? Cause i only major in English,and what i've learned in university is totally rubbish having nothijng to do with investment,wait,maybe something belongs to,like i returned a lot of textbooks to the booking center and used the money returned,bought a necklace to my girlfriend.A good investment,indeed,right?

But i am not afraid to take chanllenges, i am counting the day that i can be your student. Are you also teaching? Maybe not,in China,teacher is to teach,no second jod permittion. I am wondering that if you can tell me something concerning with the program,such as its recruitment perspectives in UK,and whether normally a oversea student can easily find a job there,of course except for the labour work?

Besides,can i apply for homestay? I was told that it is just for student under 18 ?Why? That's really a good way for foreign student learn about UK and English language more quickly! Oh,my god .i have to go back dorm for the stupid dorm-check at 23:00 !!

Talk you later.
Keep in touch!
I need you!
hahaha :-)
PS: try not to pass my letter to someone again,if possible!
Have a good day!!!
And good night to myslef!

handsome mike


The names have been changed. If you liked that one, let me know as there are plenty more.


Raedwald said...

Amazing. Putting aside the adolescent tone, this young person displays greater fluency and command of English than very many native school leavers. And is clearly sufficiently motivated to make contacts half way round the world on their own behalf. Give him a place immediately!

Anonymous said...

I think they should close all universities ,the rubbish they have produced in the last 35 years and the problems this rubbish has produced is unbelievable.