27 February 2007

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good

Conservatives Abroad kindly asked me to write a guest article for them. It's the first in a series from different locations outside the UK. It's a marginally better post than the pap I put up on this site. Take a look.

The Bad

My boss is unexpectedly visiting tomorrow. I think he wants to see what I've been doing for the last six months or so. It had all been going so well. Does anyone have any good excuses or am I going to have to cause a diversion at Prague airport again?

The Ugly

Faced with the above issues, I need to book a train out of Prague. Whilst I'm away, my old friend the famed political blogger Mutley the dog is going to keep the blog warm. Fortunately, he knows a lot about Prague as demonstrated by his last post.


Anonymous said...

Are you in big trouble? *sniggers*

james higham said...

Good luck, Praguetory. You also wrote:

A commenter on my blog opined that expatriate Brits are so often regaled by foreigners with fond memories of a bygone Britain - one that had some character and respect even if not universally loved - that the average expat wonders where the train de-railed.

That is so true.

Raedwald said...

I for one look forward with anticipation to Mutley's caretaking. Bridport meets Prague will be something to see ...

In terms of the escape, I claimed last week that I was unavailable as I was attending a Web 2.0 seminar. My boss, a collector of software that he has zero idea of how to use, asked cheerfully to make sure I get a copy installed on his laptop.

Perhaps Mutley can suggest what to buy for him ....

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Raedwald

This seems appropriate as an unuseable programme - which looks like it could be easy.

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and it goes on like that