15 February 2007

Losing An Argument? – Break The Golden Rule Of Blogging


A long time ago, I dropped a note to Cllr Bob Piper. Soon after, he got in a whole bunch of trouble and lost the online argument. Impolitely, he passed the name in my email to every online Leftie he could muster. In a typical example of Lefties trying to equalise downwards, Bob attempted to out me on his climbdown post and then only retracted in return for technical assistance. Of course, he has named me since, causing me to follow through on my promise to publish his angry email threats.


And check out this recent double-header from Unity and the blogging policeman Tim "Manic" Ireland when they were out of their depth in the argument.

The inaccuracies in your comments about me are laughable. - Praguetory

Fair enough - I’ve checked and you’re not the Dominic Fisher cited as co-author on a number of ESOL text books. Do excuse me for having accused you of achieving something with your life. It’s not a mistake I’ll make again. - Unity

LOL - Dominic, your bluster means nothing here… stop wasting it... - Tim Ireland


My comment on yesterday's post by Dizzy’s hit a MASSIVE nerve with MP Tom Watson. As if to prove he can dish it out, but he can’t take it, he did an entry outing me last night. Me, I was celebrating Valentine’s Night, but I suppose Tom’s been married for a while. How does the saying go? "You can take the man out of the Whip’s Office, but you can’t take the Whip’s Office out of the man."


Of course, apart from possibly endangering the livelihood of the blogger, this behaviour doesn’t improve democracy. I had to dive in to make this precise point over at Labour blogger Political Hack’s place only a few days ago. Outing anonymous bloggers are the actions of a brute who has lost the argument. Tom also did a piece on how to spread an internet rumour. I’ve got one involving Tom Watson, SS and an elderly Tory MP. I’ve held it back until now. I bet it will come out in due course though.

Interesting to think that the idiots above want bloggers to conform to a set of rules. Feel free to tell them where to go.

9am Update - Tom's mate Mike Ion is up early. Anyone who would listen to Mike, doesn't have me on their blogroll anyway, but thanks for the plug, Mike. I wander if we can expect any more spontaneous postings today?


Anonymous said...

SS as in Sion Simon?

kinglear said...

What interests me about the Leftie blogs is their dullness. Granted being in opposition is inherently more libertarian than being in power, but it does seem to me that their level of debate is seriously low. I suppose it's a class and jealousy thing ( a bit like Celbrity BB). If you are a bit dull you can really only slag off others as your arguments don't hold water ( and are pretty poor anyway). It's the same as Tory University parties - better birds and more fun.
And if that really IS a picture of you, you are an extremely youthful looking 32. Personally, spitefulness is no substitute for wit ( sadly lacking on the left). It might all be summed up by the following joke I heard the other day: Where would we be without laughter? Answer: Edinburgh

Serf said...

So you are a tabloid gossip blogger.

Congratulations. There is nothing that lefties hate more than tabloids, so thats a high commendation indeed.

Anonymous said...

Dominic who? You must have had a shave since I last saw you. Still, I bet you enjoyed a better Valentine's night than Piper and his sour mates.

I hope you realise the sacrifices we make following all these links to dire NuLab sites that no sane person would ever visit in the normal course of events? I'm astonished you can find 8 Labour bloggers who don't make your teeth itch.

Aaron Murin-Heath said...

Jeeez Prague,

You're not on message are you dude?

Can of worms springs to mind.

Anonymous said...

Are you wearing an orange jump suit in that photo - have you ever been to Abu Graib (sp.??)? Just asking. King Lear notes the general dullness of leftie sites, your friend Cllr Bob is a particularly yawn-making example of that.

Anonymous said...

The guy in that picture's too good-looking to be into politics. ;-)

Guthrum said...

I know somebody who knows a rumour about a cabinet minister, a lobster and a unicycle,- I find it profoundly depressing that this is the level of stagnant politics, these days.

Matt Ford said...



Guido 2.0 said...

Tut tut tut. There are many things Manic could say about this, but he is banned from leaving comments on Dominic's website.

Anonymous said...

Praguetory, I have to say this blog war crap is getting tiresome!

Why don't they talk the politics of policy? Because no one wants to listen!

Raedwald said...

Sigh. Being on the left right now must be a bit like being 8-1 down ten minutes from the final whistle at the end of the season. Your fans still loyally croak out a chant, but you've got nothing left to offer. Except sacking the manager, and maybe trapping a couple of the winning team's supporters in a dark alley.

Fitaloon said...

Saw Mr Watson's sad sad blog on your schooldays, what a prick. Obviously he has got so little to think of or do these days after his Brown nose job went all wrong.

Guthrum said...

gf was right, you looked as if you were halfway to the funny fatm in the other one

Anonymous said...

So Tom Watson and Tim Ireland want Govt. approved blogging? good luck with that fellas
Remember what Bill Hicks said about marketing people? Satan's little helper