12 February 2007

Things To Do People To See

Over the next week, I have a fairly hectic schedule with lots of things to do and people to see. Mutley the dog (NSFW) is coming to Prague soon to tie up details around a city twinning arrangement with Bridport, so I will be trying to improve my local political network. I know that my forecasts of lighting blogging tend to be inaccurate (events, dear boy) so just take this as guidance.

Meanwhile, there are a group of lurkers on this blog who rarely or never comment. I got a nice email from one old friend who is from a family of active Labour supporters.

Good to see the blog is still going well- of what I've read you're extremely informative, thought provoking and balanced and that coming from a Guardian reader.

Any other first time commenters out there?


JRD168 said...

yes, I suppose you could say that I've been lurking a while. Been reading your and other blogs for a while before setting up my own

Anonymous said...

No I am not here and I dont read your blog ,and I never heard of you,and I am not waiting for part2 neither

Anonymous said...

How very, very modest of you.

Anonymous said...

I for one, never read this Blog, nor comment here either!!

Anonymous said...

12:43 PM

Ok mr tidy mind, I hit publish then looked , please please dont bite me.

Apart from that mistake as 11:57 AM
and I didn't return to read the comments.