16 February 2007

Wolverhampton South West Primary Selection Today

Primary Selection

The three candidates on the final shortlist to be the Conservative PPC for the key target of Wolverhampton South West are Eddie Hughes, Giles Inglis-Jones and Paul Uppal. Based on their track record, I believe all three can win the seat. The open primary selection takes place today at the Molineux football stadium.

Blogging As A Campaign Tool

As you can see on the Wolverhampton SW primary website all three candidates have set up propa blogs (i.e. with comments) as part of their campaigning efforts. Both Paul and Eddie have incorporated video-blogging in their posts and I think that this does help politicians communicate with a personal touch.

Fence-Sitting Is An Unattractive Trait

I know that Giles is a committed Conservative, but I'm afraid the review of his website got me no closer to knowing what he would be like as a person or a politician. He'd have to impress me at the hustings.

Eddie Hughes is a popular local politician and is happy to be called a compassionate Conservative. He was the agent who can take credit for the marvellous success of Councillor Mike Flower in a recent by-election. Some have tipped Eddie as the front-runner and he would stand a good chance of securing my vote if I was at the primary.

Nevertheless, based on what I have seen so far, my first choice is Paul Uppal. His video blog entries convince me that he has a natural charm and can appeal to a wide range of voters. He is clearly a sound Conservative, but what I liked most was that he managed to convince me that he is a practical politician who can get things done.

Wolverhampton South-West is a good example of a primary selection process benefitting both democracy and the Conservative cause. The efforts of the losing candidates can be used to assist the winner going forward. Best of luck.


Unlike, Wolves fans, I backed a winner. Paul Uppal has been selected.

Now, where's my betting slip?

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