20 March 2007

18 Doughty Street Pyrotechnics

Last night's 18 Doughty Street Blogger TV was fun. It has been uploaded despite the strong language. Listen to how many namechecks I get. Alex Hilton of Recess Monkey seems to be struggling with reality. He reckons

- half of the abuse he gets on his site is from me.
- he doesn't mind people abusing him and doesn't delete comments or ban people who abuse him
- he's going to ban me.

Nice logic. Fact is that apart from wishing him good luck for last night and pointing out a clumsy doppleganging attempt, I've put seven words on his site since his Maggie Thatcher debacle from over two weeks ago. The words were "hitch the post lies preferred I by". Considering that Alex is understandably one of the most abused political bloggers on the Internet, I'm pretty happy to be making such an impact on him with so little effort. Watch the show. Alex's demeanour was an insight into the bunker mentality that has begun to overcome the ruling party.


Anonymous said...

Did I say I was going to ban you?

Didn't mean to. Haven't done so.

Alex hilton

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Shotgun said...

Just thought I'd check it out, and couldn't help the thought that Hilton the cunt looks like...well... a cunt, and also sounds like one.

DK is right too that lefty blogs do get more abuse, but that is because the likes of monkey fucker bacon butty eating cunt is a cunt.

Feel proud PT that a twat like this might ban you.

Anonymous said...

Should have added too that he made himself look stupid and a real cunt by spouting off unsubstantiated allegations about so called Tory farmers.

When Iain Dale is made to look good and reasonable by someone bumping his gums..that someone is a real cunt.

Hilton...you are a genuine cunt.