15 March 2007

Blogging With Intent

When bloggers I respect get a bee in his or her bonnet, I tend to listen. There are several storms brewing in the blogosphere. Here's two.


Ian Grey is a Blogpower member and an occasional visitor to this blog. Ian lives in Morley which is located several miles south-west of Leeds. This council is located in a safe seat for Labour and Ed Balls will be parachuted in take over from Colin Challen, the incumbent MP at the next election. In 2004, (following the resignation of a Labour party councillor) Ian Grey won a by-election in the Morley ward of Elmfield. Ian stood as an independent and beat the BNP candidate as Labour slumped into third place. In fact the majority of Morley councillors are independent. Ian has his own opinions and isn't somebody to take the path of least resistance for an easy life. He is very unhappy with his council colleages for stifling debate on contentious decisions and has set up a fresh blog to deal with Morleygate.

Dan Coffill case

Inspector Gadget is one of the most highly respected police bloggers. Lately, he has been moved to blog on the story of Dan Coffill, an off-duty Lewisham policeman, who has been reduced to a vegetative state by two thugs (who have just had their sentences reduced on appeal). Dan's family feel completely let down by the justice system and have been in touch with the Police Inspector. He is ready to release further information on this case. If you thought the doctors were angry with the government over at Dr Crippen's, try looking at the comments from our police officers over at Gadget's place.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I ought to Mr PT - but maybe I can't resist it....

Praguetory said...

Heel. Bad doggy.

james higham said...

The softness on thuggish crime, very much part of the game plan of the EU-ists, is nauseating. It's neither more nor less than the softening up of Britain for the inevitable and inexorable kill.

Ian said...

Thanks for the hat tip.

My grumble is just about institutional partisanism. Gadget is much, much angrier and I don't blame him.

Anyone resorting to mindless violence of this nature needs to be humiliated, punished and shamed until they grasp in their stupid little minds that their behaviour is unacceptable and lack of remorse means no parole.

Of course, we have to temper that with people who feel no lack of remorse because they are genuinely innocent.

Alastair Diack said...

My brother, a policeman, blogged on this a while ago and I linked to it as well. He had a wonderful image to associate with his story which is available here
Just about says it all.