14 March 2007

EU Related Blogs

I've spent some time trawling for the best EU related blogs/websites so you don't have to.

1. Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan is a brilliant writer and his fairly new blog is already gaining a deservedly excellent reputation.
2. Europe Reform is the site for the new Reform grouping that the Tories will lead from 2009.
3. I hadn't checked it out for some time, but I was heartened to see that DUP MEP Jim Allister continues to run one of the most informative Europe websites.
4. MEP Watch has got off to a good start and I expect it to play a crucial role in ensuring that our 2009 delegation will be fit for purpose.
5. I met some people from the Open Europe organisation before Christmas. They have taken to blogging with aplomb.

Please feel free to add suggestions before I set up an EU section in my links.


Anonymous said...

'MEP Watch' is a joke. The spotty youths who run it are incapable of spelling never mind anything else. Our current MEP's ought not, to say the least, be quaking in their boots.

Praguetory said...

Interesting angle. In the latest Tory Radio interview with Francis Maude he said that candidates who opposed leaving the EPP wouldn't be allowed to stand. I think that should concern them greatly.

Anonymous said...

No he didn't. He said those who say they will refuse to join the new group, will be prevented from re-standing.

The current MEP's have substantially won the EPP battle. The Cameron pledge was to leave forthwith: scrapped. Then it was to join with Polish fascists: scrapped. I suspect they'd be more than happy to sit in the new proposed group.

Praguetory said...

Tell me the difference between not wanting to leave the EPP and wanting to join the new grouping. The difference = political expediency. What battle did the current group of MEPs win? Many are unable to show the leadership to develop a new grouping and based on their records are unfit to stand on a EU reform platform. If Chris H-H had gained the leadership a few months back, I might have felt differently about them, but he didn't and I don't.

Chris Palmer said...

I wonder whether there was a Brussels IP address at the end of those anonymous comments? Perhaps you could shed some light on that for us Praguetory?

Also, regarding MEPWatch being a 'joke' - we will see who is laughing at the selection hustings won't we, and I very much suspect it won't be anonymous and his associates.

Praguetory said...

Chris - I don't like the idea of revealing details of visitors to my blog to all and sundry, but you can get in touch with me offline on praguetory@googlemail.com.