30 March 2007

Tony Sharp

One of my favourite bloggers is Tony Sharp who writes the Waendal Journal. His blogging personality reveals a man of principle and his arguments are brilliantly informed and crystal clear. He blogs about what he cares about and right now he feels passionately about the injustices being perpetrated in Zimbabwe under Mugabe. Like him, I urge you to watch this film and admire the courage of those prepared to sacrifice their lives for freedom.

It was a pleasure to discover that Tony is running for council in the Brickhill Ward of Wellingborough this May. I don't know what his ambitions are, but I'd love to see him in Parliament. He's the kind of straight talking/street fighting Conservative that the general public would relate to.


Anonymous said...

I will save this treat for later Mr PT!

james higham said...

I'm proud to say that I've long been a fan of Tony in various manifestations and if he's writing of Mugabe, then he'll know his stuff, will Tony.

Tony said...

I am really flattered by your very genereous testimonial, PT. Thanks also to James for his kind words. I hope during the campaign I might earn the privilege to serve Brickhill. Thanks guys.