29 April 2007

Lord Goldsmith's Predecessor Backs Campaign For Goldsmith To Stand Aside

There is an excellent article by Tom Harper in the Telegraph today about Attorney General Lord Goldsmith's role in the "loans for lordships" cases.

When I submitted my 10 Downing Street petition for approval a week ago (it took four days to get the nod), the potential conflicts of interest were already clear. Sir Ken Macdonald, the director of Public Prosecutions, had stood aside from this case because he was a member of the same chambers as the prime minister's wife. However, Lord Goldsmith had already clarified his intention to stay in post for constitutional reasons.

Lord Goldsmith's main line of argument for staying in post has been blown out of the water with the revelation that a law passed in 1997 allows the former Labour donor to delegate his powers to the Solicitor General.

In today's Telegraph, the Attorney General's predecessor, former Tory law chief, Lord Lyell of Markyate agrees that Peter Goldsmith should not personally take the decision over prosecutions in the cash-for-honours scandal.

As legal professionals have pointed out a judge would remove himself entirely from a case even if it only appeared that he had a conflict of interest. During the week, further potential conflicts have been uncoverred. Norman Baker Lib Dem MP for Lewes has revealed that Goldsmith has visited Israel at the expense of an organisation close to Lord Levy. Further, it appears more than likely that Blair will be required to appear as a witness. Goldsmith is a good friend of Blair, a fellow Cabinet member and was appointed as a Labour party peer in 1999 by Blair.

Do you agree he should stand aside? Then please sign and publicise the 10 Downing Street petition.



Ed said...

I'm sure that our dear leaders in the Labour Party will put the nation first and themselves second. After all they have been purer-than-pure and have totally restored faith in politics and politicians.

In the meantime this big sorry sham is coming to an end very swiftly!

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Anonymous said...

PT his is a dead horse because you are talking about Labour and when have they had the slightest shred of honour or integrity?

james higham said...

Hmmm. Question of time, PT, question of time.

CityUnslicker said...

I think MOH loans and banking is a cover for Lord Levy.

Praguetory said...

Agree - when was the last time someone said that I have a great blog.

Anonymous said...

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