23 April 2007

Praguetory's Sister Kicks The London Marathon

Praguetory's sister is already known in the blogosphere for her card and memory skills. See here. But that's not her only talent.

The little sister ran the London marathon in 3 hours 53 minutes at the weekend placing her just outside the top 1000 female runners and 208th for her age group. Her and her husband were particularly delighted to beat Gordon Ramsey.

They managed to raise a four-figure sum for this charity. They said it was a great day, but terribly hot. I have been informed that the happy couple have run their last marathon.


Anonymous said...

I finished in 11 minutes in my Lear Jet Mr PT

mens sana said...

Mutley your Lear needs some work. My Gulfstream G500 did it in just over 3 minutes

Well done to your sister PT!

Ed said...

3:53 is an amazing time given the heat! Sally Gunnell probably didn't manage that!