19 April 2007

Vaughan - One Day Cricket's Emile Heskey

In yesterday's Daily Telegraph, Derek Pringle says about Michael Vaughan

"He is not a one-day natural, something England have spent 85 matches finding out."

Vaughan's woeful batting stats show this "discovery" should have been made a long time ago.

Just as football strikers should keep or lose their place based on their scoring record (has there ever been an international striker for a major footballing nation to have a worse scoring ratio than Emile's 5 goals in 43?) batsmen should be judged on how many runs they score and how quickly. I'd like to understand the dynamics that have kept Vaughan in the team. Is he not embarassed?

A strike rate of less than 75 is unworthy of any international one-day batsman in the modern game and 80 is par. Vaughan's is 67!!! and his batting average is just as poor. He has never scored a one day century - think of some of the international minnows he's played against. He took 20 balls to get off the mark the other day. Leading nations score between 5 and 6 an over in one-dayers, which means that having passengers like Vaughan put the rest of the team under pressure. Check out the Aussie player profiles. All of their batsman and all-rounders have noticably better stats than Vaughan. I have been arguing for years that he shouldn't be in the team. Vaughan's cajoling to his squad this World Cup has been painful. Like being told by the class dunce that you need to pull your socks up.

Twas ever thus for England. Check this scorecard back in Nasser Hussain's day. He was another top Test player who should never played one dayers. Despite all four top batsmen scoring well, India almost reached our total. The only way England can win one dayers is if our opponents collapse or Pietersen is causing damage. Not good enough. Pick another team and start by looking which players are scoring in 20 20. Vaughan - ffs resign from the One Day scene - do it for your country - you're roobbish. And Fletcher needs to be kicked, too.


mens sana said...

I can see where you are coming from on this.

On the other hand I think we have to pick the best 11 cricketers in the country to play in any form of cricket. People should only be brought in to play the 1 day game if they have an outstanding 1 day record (eg andrew symonds).

I am rather fed up with the succession of so-called one day specialists brought in to play for England who turn out to be club standard pie-chuckers

Steven_L said...

I'm not sure about a strike rate of 80 being par in one day cricket and anything below 75 being unworthy.

Dravid 70.82
Kallis 71.39
Yousuf 74.31
Inzamam 74.05

All successful match winners in one day cricket.

I agree Vaughan doesn't merit a place but England's form and tactics have been abismal.

It's been apparent recently that with the loss of Trescothick and Loye being found out at international level their tactics have been not to try and take the aerial route during powerplay periods. They have admitted they have been aiming for scores in the 240 region. But they were only playing 4 bowlers, if their tactics were to try and bowl teams out they needed to play 4 fast bowlers and Panesar or even 5 fast bowlers.

Unless you're playing at Headingly on a wet misty day in May Collingwood will not bowl teams out.

Praguetory said...

Mens sana - Obviously I don't agree that the best one day team is the best Test team. Steven - Kallis (average 45) and Dravid (average 40) are both known as selfish players who don't play for the team. Their one-day strike rate is evidence of this. Difference being that unlike Vaughan both are capable of increasing their strike rate.

Steven_L said...

'Kallis (average 45) and Dravid (average 40) are both known as selfish players who don't play for the team.' (PT)

They bat at number 3 you numpty. Their natural games don't involve scoring at 7 an over like say Gilchrist or Jayasuria. Their role is to try and bat through the innings. They are not 'selfish' players, they are both sheer class.

Praguetory said...

Dravid and Kallis have great one-day averages, but their strike rates are not a strong point (Kallis has been subject to fury from South African fans at times). Vaughan offers neither an ability to score fast or stay in.

Steven_L said...

Their strike rates might not be a strong point, but their ability to remain at the crease, hold an innings together and chase down totals in difficult positions wins games.

You are not always batting first on a belter or chasing 350. Sometimes you end up chasing 240 on a difficult pitch - teams need balance.

Both India and RSA have a lot of big hitters down the order - Pathan, Dhoni, Yuvraj, Kemp, Boucher, Pollock etc.

Besides, both Dravid and Kallis have scored match winning run-a-ball hundreds in odi's.