21 May 2007


One of the great things about blogging is the chance to pontificate. For example, I particularly enjoy this recent prediction by the UK Daily Pundit.

Following corroborated reports from well-placed sources, I am now in a position to reveal that Gordon Brown will never become prime minister. The exact reason why American secret services are determined to scupper his chances may never come to light, but that is beside the point.

Plans are well underway to stage-manage Gordon's exit from the political spotlight and I understand that Gordon is to be well rewarded as part of the deal that has been arranged.

A major consequence of this development is that Labour's deputy leadership election will soon become a leadership contest. Tony Blair is privately supporting Hazel Blears professional campaign and a general election will be called should Hazel get the top job. Blair will be leading the Labour Party in opposition by the end of 2007.

NB - Bookmakers were under strict instructions to pay out early on the Brown premiership betting markets to secure against insider trading and to guard against unfortunate smoke signals. Rest assured that I have made enough money on secondary markets to keep me in blogging for the foreseeable future.


james higham said...

My turn to pontificate. See - haven't I told everyone for weeks that it's Chippy for PM, not deputy? Haven't I been running her campaign via my blog? Now a man of talent and discernment - you, PT, finally recognizes this! Bless you, my son.

Mark Wadsworth said...

As somebody still in denial that the Goblin King might become PM (passionately hating and lying to everybody in the whole country for ten years ought to disqualify him), this is a straw at which I would gladly clutch.

Only it's complete piffle and there is no such story on UKDP's website anyway ... hang on ... that proves that THEY (whoever they are - it's never clear in conspiracy theories) have already started covering their traces ... PT you are next!

Have fun in Room 101

Praguetory said...

Unfortunately Mark, you are right it is complete fantasy. Just trying to enjoy myself.